I hate seeing people give up on themselves. The first thing that always crosses my mind when I see someone giving up or overhear someone saying there is no use in trying again because they have failed so many times is they must not know that those are the moments and situations God loves! Like really let's think about this for a second. Think back in the old testament, remember Samson? Samson had lost all his strength and was being made a mockery when in an instant he was restored of his strength. Jonah tried running from his destiny, and when he thought he had lost it all, God saved his life and he went on to fulfill his calling. It seems like throughout the bible, all the great stories are all stories of God redeeming those who the world had given up on or who had given up on themselves. You see, everybody roots for the underdog, even the Lord. I think our generation has grown to believe that God only helps the people that "have it all together", and that's simply not true. Religion tells us if we do this and do that, and can "fix ourselves", then God will be pleased with us. But the bible tells us we ALL will fall short of the glory of God. Everybody is going to mess up but it's not about fixing ourselves and God being satisfied when we are perfect, it's about knowing that he who was perfect died for us so that our debt would be satisfied. I think God loves redeeming people who have given up hope because it increases the validity of the miracle. If Jonah had done what he was supposed to from the beginning then the story would just be about Jonah obeying God's voice, and don't get me wrong that would have been a great story. But when Jonah ran and gave up and was cast into the sea, God didn't let anyone not even Jonah himself, keep Jonah from his assignment. And that's the story we love and remember. Look at Peter in the New Testament. Peter denied Jesus three times and was so ashamed of himself he went back to being a fisherman. And if you know your bible you know Jesus came to Peter after Peter had denied him and there was complete reconciliation, and Jesus let Peter know that his one failure was not going to keep him from his destiny. And we read that Peter went on to become one of the most influential and pivotal people in the New Testament. What I'm trying to get at here is that you don't have to listen to what has been said to you or about you. You don't even have to listen to what you have been telling yourself. Do not let your guilt or your disappointment keep you from what God has placed on the inside of you. So you messed up? God can still use you. And remember anytime your faced with defeat, God loves to use setbacks as setups for something great.
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