A little over a year ago my husband and I became college pastors at our church.  Our heart long before we had ever moved to Louisiana, became college pastors, or accepted this position was to see a campus won for Jesus.  We fell in love with the campus of Southeastern Louisiana State University the moment we moved to Hammond and knew in our hearts the vision God had given us was for this campus.

  As we began to pray and plan for the launch of our ministry on campus we noticed a recurrence in something.  As we talked about this new season of our lives and the dream God had placed in our hearts, people's response to the situation was always somewhat the same... "It's never worked before". 

  Have you ever been in a place where the dream God has spoken to your heart is more real to you than what you see?  That's exactly where Scott and I where!  Everyone would tell us, with the exception of our Pastors and Church family, that this was an impossible feat, a lost cause and we should just quit.  But what God had spoken to us was far greater than anything any person could ever try and convince us of otherwise.  There will be times in life, if you haven't experienced it already, you will find yourself at some point caught between the opinions of man, and the promises of God.  For those of you who aren't already aware, the two seldom sound the same.  The fact may have been that the ministries that had gone before us never succeeded, but the truth is God had already spoken and declared He was giving us this land!  Just as He spoke to Joshua after the death of Moses, God had declared that every place the sole of our foot tread upon He was giving us.  No man would be able to stand before us, and just as He was with Moses so would He be with us.  He would never leave us nor forsake us.

  So many times in life we get a word from God and rather than risking it all and stepping out in faith, we allow the opinions of man to dictate how we respond to the situation.  In so doing we forfeit all that God has for us.  What if the reason they never succeeded before was because they became more familiar and in tune with how they felt rather than the Word God had spoken to their hearts.  What if they listened to the doubt and lies around them which in turn not only caused them to respond in fear, but also give up on the thousands of souls who so desperately needed to encounter Jesus!  We often think that because it didn't work for someone else it wont work for us, but NEVER doubt the promise God has spoken to you.  I would rather trust the Words of a perfect Savior who can not lie than the words of humanity who's nature is to fail.

  I can tell you with an ecstatic heart that God is so very faithful and though we encountered people who said it was impossible, God had spoken otherwise.  In August of 2012 we launched The Mvmnt on the campus of SLU, and in one years time we have watched as our faithful father has done far greater than we could have ever hoped or imagined! Since the start of last year we have out grown three different locations, and this semester have just moved to the largest facility in the Student Union area.  We've not only seen countless salvations, miracles and favor beyond comprehension, but a University that is rising up and taking a stand for Jesus!  Revival has come to SLU and I am so honored and thankful to be apart of watching this generation join together in a movement for Jesus!  Rest assured there is nothing spectacular or special about my husband or myself, we just dared to believe a faithful God no matter the cost and He has taken care of the rest. 

   I want to encourage you that no matter where you've been or where you currently may be, anything is possible!  If God has given you a word step out in faith, even at the risk of looking ridiculous, and watch as God brings your greatest dreams to pass! It's generally in the moments of looking ridiculous that we experience the miraculous.

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